"The most gratifying thing for us is to see our team growing and developing each day, seeking new responsibilities, thirsty for knowledge and setting their own goals, realizing that this is important to their lives. This transformation and encouragement happen at Sunset every day, and we can say that absolutely everyone who works here is passionate about their work and Sunset Brew."

Our team is the foundation of everything we do. They are creative, passionate about their work, go out of their way to have a quality end product, fight for the rhino every day and trust us to boost their work and provide opportunities for everyone to grown, equally.

We are always looking for extraordinary people to join our family, to innovate and create new concepts in the Brazilian brewery market, as well as position the brand internationally and show the beers we produce to the world.

We have an inspiring, fun and very focused work environment, and we are driven by innovation. We grow fast and have ambitious projects with an incredibly talented team.

Do what you never thought possible. Have an impact on the growth of the brewery and seek its professional growth.



  • Build your future | We believe in people
  • Be optimistic | Our glass is always half full.
  • Find your voice | We are all entrepreneurs
  • Make right decisions | Think, analyze and create solutions
  • Be yourself | We encourage freedom of expression
  • Meet awesome people | We work as a team
  • Never be alone | We think of the team as a whole
  • Be inspired | We create, believe and execute
  • Love your work | Because life is too short 



We are always looking for incredible people to join our team. If you are the right person, there will always be a space on Sunset.