About Brewery

Sunset Brew was established in June 2015 and in December of the same year we have moved into the factory and started ordering all the equipment and preparing the space to receive the equipment. In August of 2016, we started receiving some of the equipment and had almost everything ready towards the end of the year, which our first sale happened. We were initially one rhino and five employees.


At the Festival Brasileiro da Cerveja in March 2017, we won our first medal in Brazil, with Madame Tatá, a Saison who had already won a medal a few months earlier in Africa. Only two years after the start of its operation, the factory's capacity was expanded by 125%, to 80 thousand litres monthly. The new expansion is already being planned, which should reach the limit of production of the existing kitchen - 150 thousand litres per month.

Today the Sunset team has more than 30 employees who are passionate about beer, always follow the rhino and vibrate with each victory and achievements of the team and the brewery.


Sunset operates with a thousand-litre quadriblock brew kitchen, 15 fermentation/maturation tanks with a total capacity of 80,000 litres, automatic bottle filling for 720 an hour and an automatic barrel washing machine. The brewery has access to a natural gas network and is completing the study for the installation of photovoltaic panels to capture solar energy. It has a microbiological ETE (Wastewater Treatment Plant), which does not use chemicals and dispose only of liquid and solid without any toxic residue.