Crowdfunding, known in Brazil as collective financing, is an innovative strategy that provides financial returns to people who invest in good ideas as well as other forms of compensation.

At Sunset, we work to build our destination in a collaborative way, but being leaders, not followers. The crowdfunding mechanism is quite simple; Sunset presents to you our project, containing information about the brewery, how much to collect, how the resources will be used and the deadline for joining. You can learn more about the project, attend meetings and even visit our factory, then decide if you want to share our dreams and achievements, as a shareholder of Sunset.

Famous companies like YouTube, Wikipedia and Linux have used crowdfunding to get to what they are today. Brewdog, a brewery in the United Kingdom that has passed its fifth round of investments, was the best-known success in the brewing industry and provided investors with an increase of 2,765% of the allocated capital. Today, it is valued at more than $ 2.3 billion.

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