Our History


Like most Brazilians, we are passionate about beer. As we travelled throughout Brazil and abroad with family and friends for many years, we tasted different styles of beer and wine, visiting brewery schools and intensifying our love for this craft.

During an extended safari in South Africa, we were inspired by a story our ranger told us while watching the sunset through the savannah. He explained the behaviour of a male black rhino, which was unusually friendly, who lived in the park and was the leader of his herd for many years, managing to keep a stunning territory for a long time. His tolerance for human allowed them to approach the group, which is usually very difficult, therefore all rangers loved his herd.

After many years of struggling to maintain his territory, the already old rhino was defeated and killed by a young challenger, who had fought him three times before without success. The park officials were outraged with the new leader, who would no longer let them approach the herd.

A few days later, during a stunning sunset at the park, the rangers were faced with the young victorious black rhino. He was positioned precisely against the setting of the sun, and this time the beauty of the image made the rangers become aware of the inevitability of what had happened to their beloved rhino. Since then, the elusive black rhino was admired by the rangers, and named “Sunset”. His story is told in great details to all visitors of the Kruger Park, the largest and most famous wildlife park in South Africa.

That night we sat by the fire accompanied by some great local craft beers. Excited and a little emotional, we decided to take forward the idea of creating a craft brewery in Brazil, so we could put our ideas into practice and make our dreams come true. We didn’t have to discuss the name we would give to the brewery, neither it’s main symbol!

When making our beer, we are always seeking improvement and excellence, trying to keep true to our origins and preserving our essence. The key to our craft is making beers that will complement unforgettable moments. We guarantee the consistency and quality of our beers, through hard work and research, so that our audience can always enjoy a fresh craft beer.

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Sunset maintains partnerships with breweries from other countries, in search of different flavours. Since 2016, it has been sharing beer recipes with South Africa's brewery Darling Brew. In 2018, it led an initiative that brought together seven breweries on five continents which were produced in London. This project included breweries from Belgium, Japan, the United States, South Africa and Australia, as well as Sunset representing South America.

We recreated our Imperial Black Rhino at the Fourpure Brewery in London, used the same coconut as the Brazilian recipe, and created a label and an identity that showed a little of our country, giving the unique character to "Nightfall" that today is one of the beers with the highest score of the brewery in untappd.

Another partnership was consolidated in January 2019 as Sunset was licensed by Two Birds Brewing, Australia, to produce their summer ale, the world famous Passion Victim. Other than that, Sunset will have access to all the brewery's recipes, as well as Darling Brew's.

In February 2019, brewer Rudy Favero embarked on living a collaborative experience in the land of the queen. He has brewed at the Adnams Brewery in Southwold our Aggro Bear (IPA) which was sold at more than 1,000 points that the network J. D. Wetherspoon maintains in the UK. Other than that, Marula Matata was produced at the Windsor & Eaton Brewery, a NEIPA with Marula addition, a collaborative between Sunset Brew, Windsor & Eaton and Darlin Brew